Phone Addiction or Just Bad Etiquette

We all have that one friend who is ALWAYS on their phone. If they aren’t on Twitter, it’s Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, GChat or just plain ole’ fashioned text messaging…

Now Scarlet is no stranger to “staying connected” and utilizing social networking, but there is a thick line between staying in the know and just being plain rude to your guests; but where does that line start and end?

Clearly, traditional professional settings are no place for social networking/texting, but sometimes while in the midst of your friends, it’s still unacceptable. Imagine you telling your good personal friend an important story, but they are texting and disconnected the entire time. I know you have at least one friend who does this and continues to find it acceptable and quite alright.

There is nothing wrong with staying in the know and taking advantage of the perks of social networking/texting etc, but be mindful that just because you are talking to someone else via an electronic device, you are still talking to someone else. The humans around you are probably just as mindful about this.

Until next time…


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