Vibration Nation

Perhaps Scarlet is on a phone hating spree this week, but it’s better to be informed.

So, about those ringing cell phones in the office… Let’s be clear here. Your co-workers don’t like them and quite frankly, it’s unprofessional. So, maybe the sound of your daughters voice saying “pick up the phone” as your ringer is just the cutest thing to you…and perhaps it is.

But, the key to abiding by the business etiquette laws is simply knowing time and place. Etiquette is not necessarily about wearing petticoats and always utilizing every utensil that is put before you at a dinner table. On the other hand, it is knowing that if you were in a position where you HAD to use all of the utensils, plates, cups and glasses at a formal setting, you would know how to do so.

It’s also knowing that the vibration or silent option for your cell phone is an option for a reason. That reason is when you are in an office or professional setting.

Until next time…


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