Are you worried about your sole?

Have you been to someone’s house and they asked you to take your shoes off and you went into a mini head panic? You instantly start to sweat all while thinking?…Do my socks match today? Did I do a full hole analysis of my socks? Are my toe nails polished or chipped and unpresentable?

You might even jump to a defensive stance. Why should I have to take my shoes off? Who does that?

Well…lots of people request for you to take your shoes off as you enter their home. Your best bet is to simply come prepared. If you are invited over someone’s house, just assume that you will be asked to remove your shoes.

On another note, hosts, make your flooring comfortable enough so guests feel comfortable removing their shoes. For example, soiled and uncleanly looking carpet would make even Scarlet feel uncomfortable about removing her shoes. This rule also applies to hard wood floors. Are your floors smooth and safe or are you over due for a rebuff and polish?

While it’s perfectly ok to request guests to remove their shoes, it is the responsibility of the host to make guests feel comfortable enough to do so. It is the guests responsibility to comply and to be prepared.


Oh yeah, can Scarlet get an invite to the house party?

Until next time…


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