I QUIT!!!!!

You have grown increasingly unhappy with your job and you have decided it’s time for you to leave.

Most of us deep down inside would like to make a dramatic movie-styled exit…you know the one that involves clearing off your desk with one swoop of your arm and quoting words from the movie, Half Baked…Yes, that kind of exit…

Well, forget about it. It is highly likely that you will run into someone from your employment again and likely in a professional setting. Don’t give them the power to judge you with the last memory of you being a mad man/woman stunt that was uncalled for.

Would it be initially funny and some what liberating….yes, but the joke would ultimately be on you. Consider this…with or without you, the company will go on and will replace you, so your stunt only becomes a historical joke for employees to recap. This stunt gives you no leverage at future companies and adds no new entries on your resume.

Scarlet Says…Leave on the most professional grounds. Submit a professional resignation letter and provide ample time to properly transition out of your position.

Even if you are leaving to go into an entirely different industry or to start your own company, consider that you may be asking these same people to purchase your products in the future. Don’t set yourself up to fail in the future by burning the bridges you’ve crossed…

Until next time,



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