Tardy For The Party

So, it happens to the best of us. We run a couple of minutes behind and sometimes in situations that are really critical.

Imagine running late for a wedding ceremony. What do you do? Skip the wedding all together and just go to the reception? Lurk around the lobby and wait for the let out?

Actually this is one of those situations where you have to evaluate the whole situation to see what is the best decision.

If you really want to witness the ceremony, in most cases, you SHOULD wait until the ENTIRE bridal party has went down the aisle, including the bride. You can then quietly sneak into one of the side doors. Under no circumstances should you come down the middle aisle and cross the “sacred” wedding runner (if they have one).

Now your tardiness may mean that you have to sit on the most easily accessible side. Now is not the time to ask, “which side is the brides side”….just get in and quietly and quickly sit down.

If the venue had a balcony, hosts will likely direct you to sit there and you should happily comply and not try to strong-arm your way into the lower floor.

We all run late for stuff…it happens, but don’t interrupt an important day for your friends/family by not making the best decision on how to handle your tardiness.

…until next time…

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