The Unlucky Pot Luck

Personally, Scarlet is not a fan of traditional potlucks. There is just something a tad creepy and mysterious about the random food and more importantly, its preparation process that makes me uneasy.

Anyway, this post refers to a more personal issue regarding food. Have you ever brought in your lunch to work and later discovered that it is missing or has been partially consumed by a mysterious caper? Well, it has happened to me!

Since it is apparently not common knowledge that eating the food that does not belong to you in the company refrigerator is bad work etiquette, let’s just set the record straight right now. Eating food that you did not bring in or did not get permission to eat from the company refrigerator is bad etiquette and is punishable by…well…technically it is punishable by nothing, but it should be.

Come on friends…let’s refer to the Golden Rule here…

…until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Unlucky Pot Luck

  1. When leaving food in the fridge at work, I typically will open it and take a small bite or small sip. Generally speaking, when a person discovers the seal has been broken, they no longer wishes to eat/drink said lunch.

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