Manners Matter

Scarlet had a wonderful weekend facilitating etiquette courses for some of today’s Detroit youth.It’s amazing when you realize just how big on an impact your words as well as your presence can have on an individual. This experience did make me think about the value of manners in today world. Do we still teach our sons to open doors for women? Our daughters the art of conversation and the importance of listening? When did we stop teaching and training our children in proper etiquette and life skills?

Are we too busy with our own lives to seek out the available resources to aid in this process? Schedules are hectic and there is never enough time in the day, but Scarlet can make it easy for you by allowing your children to be trained by the best instructors in etiquette and life skills. Scarlet does not have all the answers but she does know that these skills are pertinent in order for students to compete, and even stand out when entering into college as well as the business world. Your children will thank you in the end!


…Until next time…

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