The Art of Giving Compliments

Paying someone a compliment can be a natural practice for some people while others may find giving a compliment rather difficult. This practice of giving compliments is critical to building relationships as well as encouraging other people. It is definitely easy once you have an idea of how to go about it.

Pay attention to positive traits, features and characteristics in the person you would like to compliment. Think about the things that draw you to that person and focus on complimenting them on those traits.

Decide on what trait, feature or characteristic to compliment them on. Choose one that is appropriate for your relationship and one that will let the other person know that you are listening and paying attention to them.  

Be sincere with your compliment. Sincerity can be shown by possibly emphasizing the statement by simply your tone, or repeating it more than once. Also, using their name in your compliment brings a tone of sincerity. For example, “Scarlet, I really love the way you are always smiling in the morning.”

Look the person in the eyes when you pay them the compliment. This will reinforce your sincerity. Eye contact is very important in human interaction. Looking away may distract from your words or raise doubt when it comes to the sincerity of your compliment.

 Scarlet wants to remind you to understand that giving a compliment does not mean that you should expect one in return. A sincere compliment is meant to be giving simply for the uplifting of the other person and not as a means to receive one yourself.


…Until next time…


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