Unsatisfied Customer Etiquette

In honor of customer service week, it’s only right that scarlet discuss  her struggles with customers while on the job as a customer service representative in a local grocery store. 

As a teenager, Scarlet worked at a local grocery store to get both job experience and make some money so that she would be able to shop and hang out with friends on the weekend without asking  parents for money. These two years of working at the store were an experience to say the least. Scarlet worked in customer service but never knew that meant she would be the blame for EVERY customer’s problems. From customers yelling about something being out of stock after being on sale for 4 days already, to customers not understanding why we won’t take your items back that have clearly been used for a few weeks. Scarlet reminds you that although customer service professionals are in the business to make you, the customer happy, they are most of the time not the direct blame for your problem. Please remember this when you head to that customer service desk, or call those numbers about your problems. Be as calm and polite as possible and remember that customer service professionals seek to solve all of your problems, not be lashed out on and blamed for them.      


…until next time…






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