Finger Food Etiquette: The Basics

Have you ever attended a party or meeting where finger foods were served and you struggled with how to properly eat them while enjoying them to the fullest. Before Scarlet learned the rules and guidelines dealing with finger foods, she was often reluctant to eat at particular events. When she did eat, she often looked around to see what others were doing and mimicked their actions.  I hope that the tips that I have included below, help you if you are ever in this situation.

Which foods to eat?

You want to stay away from messy foods. This includes things with sauce which can be delicious but increase the possibility of a spill as well as stained clothing that will definitely frustrate you from this point through the end of the event.

How much to eat?

Finger foods should fit on a small plate or napkin. You will be standing or walking around most likely,

with this being said you do not want to have so much food that it is difficult for you to maneuver. Try to keep it to one to three pieces of the foods you enjoy. You can always go back for seconds , this just ensures that you are able to maintain conversation and not have your plate weigh you down.

When to eat?

Finger foods promote conversation since they do not require a full place setting or drawn out periods of chewing. While you are talking with someone, finish your point, take a bite and let them reply. After they finish a point, you reply, while they take a bite. Finger foods are intended to keep the conversation flowing, and by using these tips you can have fun, enjoy great food and great conversation!









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