The Lost Art : RSVP

As we all know the holidays are fastly approaching, which means entertaining tons of family and friends for many of us and attending events for others. With this being so, it is pertinent that we are not only aware of proper etiquette rules but that we follow them when we are invited or attend others’ events.  One of the most common issues that party hosts and planners face is guest rsvp’s or lack thereof. Although guests may not realize it until they are hosting their own event, it is very important to rsvp to an event when you receive an invite that says to do so. Hosts need to know who is coming so they can plan the food and drink, invite replacements if necessary, or even reschedule the event.

Not to mention, it is just plain rude to show up to an event after failing to respond to rsvp request. This in short shows the host that you did not take into consideration all of the hard work and effort that goes into planning an event. There are so many rsvp options nowadays, please make sure to use the specified method before showing up to events this holiday season!

…until next time…

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