Who are these people? The Importance of sitting where you are assigned

Scarlet recently attended a dinner where seating was assigned and place cards were provided for all guests to know exactly where they were to be seated. Scarlet was bummed due to her not being seated next to her guests that she brought with her but she knows from experience that these things are done for a reason. Others seemed to be in disagreement with the seating arrangements as well but rather than staying put, they proceeded to switch the place cards around. This is inconsiderate when you think about the hosts and others involved  who took the time out to create these place cards.

Developing this seating arrangement took lots of time and effort on the hosts’ part. Place cards are often used to reduce  guests’ anxiety of trying to find a seat and it ensures that couples who want to sit together for the most part get to. Hosts’ often mix people up to get them out of their own comfort zone and get them mingling and talking to people they may not talk to otherwise.

Scarlet would like you to remember that guests should never alter seating arrangements or “switch seats”  but it is perfectly acceptable to mingle at different tables before and after dinner.

…until next time…

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