No talking please! Proper Movie Theater Etiquette

Going to the movies has become a rare outing for Scarlet and many of her friends and family. Is it because of the high prices, below average theaters, or bad movies? These have all contributed to Scarlet waiting until movies come to Redbox or HBO but none of them are what she enjoys least about going to the movies. Scarlet has to say the rude and inconsiderate behavior of others is often what keeps her away.   

Due to the many people going to see the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn this weekend, Scarlet figured that there was no better time to provide you with proper movie theater etiquette tips. Hopefully these tips will help you and all the others at the movies, have a pleasant and enjoyable time.

1. Whisper to your seatmate if necessary but don’t talk back to the screen or do a running commentary on the action.

2. Turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrate. If you must make a call, do it out in the hallway or lobby.

3. Don’t get up or move around too often; it’s distracting to others.

4. Do not bring your young children to see a rated R movie

5. Pitch in to keep the theater clean: Use the receptacles for trash.

6. Do your best not to spill drinks over the seats or drop too much food on the floor. Leaving your chewing gum under the seat is also not a good thing to do.

Scarlet wants all the twi-hards and other movie goers to keep these tips in mind not only this weekend but always!

…until next time…

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