Say My Name, Say My Name

Perhaps you have a really simple name that is easy to pronounce and no one ever gets it wrong. If so, lucky you!

Many of us have names that are a tad intricate and require a little thought before actually verbalizing them. Since it’s your name, you know how it is pronounced, but 99% of the rest of world may not know this.

So, what do you do if someone mispronounces your name? How do you correct them without seeming or feeling like you are being mean?

After someone mispronounces your name, kindly say, “people often have an issue pronouncing my name, it’s actually pronounced ________”.

If you know that your name is very difficult to say, perhaps you can find something that your name rhymes with to help people and to alleviate the frustration of hearing your name being mispronounced.

It’s perfectly fine to correct someone on the mispronunciation of your name. More than likely, they don’t know how to pronounce it, but one verbal correction could turn everything around.

…until next time.

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