How Did You Get My Number? Properly Making A Connection.


Its happened to the best of us. The phone rings displaying an unknown number OR a random unrecognizable e-mail pops up from someone who you KNOW you did not give your contact information to.

Immediately you begin to ponder: What might this person want? Why are they contacting me or more importantly, How did they get my contact information?

Well, if you didn’t give it to them and your information is not public knowledge somewhere, someone likely gave it to them.

So the question is, what do you do if someone asks for someone else’s contact information?

  1. First and foremost, keep your contact’s privacy in mind. Perhaps this person doesn’t want their personal or business information floating around.
  2. Offer to pass their information to your contact so that at their convenience, they can contact the individual.
  3. If you already have permission to pass along someone’s information, still give your contact a heads up that “XXXX” may be contacting them.

Establishing new connections and making new connections between your acquaintances can be rewarding for all, but only if all the parties involved actually WANT to be connected with each other.

Even in an era when communication and connections are a lot less secretive, many people still value and deserve their right to privacy…

…until next time…

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