Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette

It’s finally here! For many, today is about giving thanks and spending time to reflect on life and all that you have to be grateful for. Although this is so, we cannot help but to think about the wonderful meals that are being prepared all over the country today. Before you head over to Grandma’s or other family members’ houses make sure you know all the proper etiquette tips to get you through the day!

1. During Thanksgiving dinner all gadgets should be put away (This includes (tablets, ipods, ipads, laptops and cellphones and TV’S unless the Lions are on). All attention should be on your family and friends at the dinner table.

2. Wait for a cue from the host to eat, even if you are the first to make your plate. The host is the person who has worked very hard to ensure that the meal is yummy and everything is where it needs to be. It’s only right to wait until everyone including the hostess has their plate made.

3. For Hostess, DO ask for help, especially if you are mixing groups. People generally are more relaxed when they feel that they helped with the meal in some way. Perhaps you have people bring dessert or you say YES to help with clearing the table. Remember, it’s Thanksgiving, not a night in a restaurant: Your guests are grateful for your hospitality, but not expecting 5 star service.

4. During dinner keep table conversation light and fun! Certain topics should be avoided ex. Personal issues, family troubles, and in some cases politics should remain off limits. To break an awkward silence you can always ask who’s planning to go shopping black Friday.  

5. Dress to impress. Get an idea of how formal the dinner is by the time it’s set at. If it’s earlier in the day, dress in something you’d wear to church or to see your grandmother in. If it’s in the evening, dress in something you’d wear to a school concert or play. Whatever you do, leave anything scandalous or controversial at home.

Happy Thanksgiving from Scarlet Communications!

…until next time…

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