Office Holiday Party Etiquette

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! During the holiday season we attend plenty of parties with family, friends, and coworkers. Thank goodness Scarlet is here to prepare you with tips to have the most fun at the party and still be able to show your face on Monday morning.

  1. Don’t Drink too much- Even small quantities can loosen inhibitions and lead you to do things you wish you hadn’t.
  2. Know the Dress code- Before arriving be sure to know if there is a dress code or theme. You do not want to be one the person who wore a suit to a Christmas Sweater themed party.
  3. If there’s karaoke, participate-  It shows that you are a team player and able to step outside of the  box.
  4. Give a group gift to the boss-  Individual gifts to the boss can quickly turn into a competition in which employees try to outdo each other with the best “boss gift,” Instead, get together with everyone in the office and purchase a joint gift.

Scarlet reminds everyone to have fun at their Office Holiday

Parties but remember these tips!

…until next time…

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