Christmas Gift Etiquette: Show Appreciation for All Gifts

We’ve all been in those situations where we receive a gift for Christmas that we know we will never use . Whether its just not you or it is completely the wrong size Scarlet reminds you to be grateful regardless of the size or cost of the gift.  Someone thought enough of you to buy/make that gift.

It is important to receive the gift with the same amount of thought that went into the giving of the gift. There is nothing that will offend someone so quickly than someone not being thankful for what they have received. If after receiving and showing appreciation, you decide to return the gift know that there is nothing that states that you are required to keep something that you do not need or like.

For the sake of future gift giving opportunities, take family and friends out to help them understand your likes and dislikes better before the holidays.

Here are a list of things you can do with gifts that you do not want:

  1. Return: Many times gifts are given with a receipt for that purpose.
  2. Recycle by Regifting: But do no regift junk and burden someone else.
  3. Swap: Such as gift cards. If you cannot make use of it, there are websites where you can sell them:
  4. Sell: Have a garage sale, or if you have the tag, sell them on ebay.
  5. Donate: Give it to someone in need, such as a woman’s shelter, a large family, a single parent, or a charity of your choice.

Scarlet reminds you to be grateful for all gifts during the holidays!

…until next time…

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