Scarlet Says: Top 10 Etiquette Tips To Prepare You For 2012

TEN: Social Networking/Communication Blunders

Check, recheck, then once again, check your intended posts and emails before you hit the send button.

We have all had that moment where we hastily sent an email, tweet or Facebook post that we should have proofed or read more thoroughly. Then later, we shuttered at the grammatical errors and mishaps that we failed to catch the first time around. Luckily, we have all (hopefully) survived that situation, but future situations could be more detrimental to your career and personal life.

Undoubtedly, the minor deletion or addition of one letter in a word changes your messages’ meaning and potentially others’ perception of you.

After all, what’s one more minute to proofread your message and ensure that some of your 4-letter words don’t turn into real 4-letter words…


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