#9 Support While You Meet: Scarlet Says…Top 10 Etiquette Tips To Prepare You For 2012

You need to meet a friend this week and you are both debating about whether to meet at a coffee shop or a local crepe shop. Although the decision about crepe vs. coffee is surely an important one, most people fail to consider an even more important decision, “do you really want coffee or a crepe or are you just looking for a quick place to meet.”

This question is important because these “quick places” that you plan to meet at have a goal too, to stay in business and produce revenue. If your plans to meet there do not involve buying anything, consider meeting at a library or another place where buying food and beverage items are not a consideration.

Personally, Scarlet loves meeting at coffee shops and local Detroit businesses, but one quick glance around at these places always proves that everyone does not embrace the “support while you meet” practice.

Next time a friend says, “let’s meet up at the local crepe shop” remember that a decision to not purchase an item while you are meeting there could ultimately lead to this place no longer existing…

“Support Where You Meet.”

Until Next Time…



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