Text Messaging Etiquette: Impersonal Mass Texts

Text messaging has become one of the most convenient forms of communication. Many people both young and old are now using text messages to communicate with friends and family more so than picking up the phone. As with all forms of communication it is important to be both considerate and respectful when sending text messages.

Although most phone services offer packages with unlimited text messaging, it is important that you take into consideration that there are people that have limited text messaging plans that they pay for. With this being said, Per text costs may seem inexpensive to you who may be sending 3 at a time but these costs quickly add up. No one wants extra charges on their bill because of your forwarded mass messages.

With this being said, please evaluate the importance of text messages before pushing send. Just as with emails, it has become common for people to send forwarded messages. As Scarlet mentioned before, these often unimportant messages may prove to be costly to some overtime.  In addition, many people find it to be annoying. Don’t make a habit of sending forwards and unimportant messages to contacts in your phone, unless you are sure that they don’t mind. If you aren’t sure if your friends are annoyed by mass text, make every effort to only send messages that are important.

Besides being annoying and costly, these messages are impersonal. Your friends and family would much rather have thoughtful, heartfelt messages, which will take you only an extra second or two. Take the time out to show your family and friends just how much they mean to you, during the holidays especially.

Scarlet reminds you to be considerate and respectful when using text messaging to communicate with friends and family. Refrain from filling your friends and family’s inbox with mass and forwarded text messages. Trust me they will appreciate it!

…Until Next Time…

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