#7: Travel Like A Pro – Top 10 Etiquette Guidelines for 2012

Now, Scarlet makes no claims about being an official Federal TSA Agent, flight attendant or pilot, BUT, I have certainly had my fair share of travel.

A good friend of mine just messaged us yesterday on her way to Vegas stating that we should conduct an adult Travel Etiquette class, so perhaps we will…

In the mean time, some good rules of thumb to follow while you are travelling by air include:

  1. Be ready at the Security Check-In. Come on…you know, it’s coming. Be prepared to take your shoes off, have the correct liquid carrying packages, empty your pockets and put your electronics in a different bin from the rest of your travel material. The drill is the same almost every time and it saves you and your fellow travelers a lot of time. For other official travel rules, check here.
  2. Usually, planes board in terms of class. This means that if you are in First Class, you board first. Otherwise, you will usually be assigned some kind of identifier that says which section you are in. Look at that identifier in advance of approaching the gate.
  3. If you are the lucky person who gets to sit in an exit row, guess what, you will not have space under your seat for your personal items. You have to put your stuff in storage above your head. Nothing is worse than sitting behind a person who has all that extra leg room, yet they still want the “under-seat” storage space too.
  4. If your headphones are on level 20 of 20, everyone in all the surrounding rows can hear every beat, lyric and snare drum of the music that you are playing and likely, they don’t want to. Adjust your volume to a level that is respectful of your neighbors.
  5. Scarlet likes to talk…no questions asked about that…but on a plane, not everyone wants to chat. Have you ever sat next to someone who wants to talk for the entire time from a midwest to west coast flight? It’s not so cool. We encourage you to greet your fellow “row mates”, but to talk for 4-5 hours straight is a tad over the top.
  6. So, you are somewhere seated in the middle of the plane. The wheels touch down, then a few minutes later, the fasten seat belts sign goes off and you see a blur of someone fly past you like Sonic the Hedgehog. Do you know what just happened? Well, someone just sprinted from the back to the front of the plane in an effort to de-board before anyone else. NOW, I realize that sometimes, desperate times cause for desperate measures, like, your connecting flight is about to take off or the restrooms (non plane) are calling your name. But, if are simply strolling off the plane to go to your car and go home, the plane should be de-boarded from back to front.

Scarlet Says…have fun, travel safe and adhere to travel etiquette while on a plane, bus  or train.

Until next time…


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