Proper Moving Etiquette Tips

So Scarlet’s life is changing pretty fast at the moment. I am currently preparing to move and take on new challenges, in a new city. With this being said amongst the many things on my to do list, I had to stop and think about proper packing and moving etiquette. Many people do not realize that even when it comes to things such as moving and/or traveling, there are proper practices as well as things that are absolute no-nos.  Moving can be very stressful and hectic but there are some things you can do to save yourself both time and money. For all the tips that follow, remember that organization is definitely the key.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Go through your things and decide what must go and what can be left behind. Do not take things that you know you have not used or worn in years, this is the time to throw it all away.
  2. Roll your clothes. This may seem weird or pointless but it actually takes up less space and enables you to fit more things in your bags or storage tubs.
  3. Bury fragile items in your clothes. Save a tree, instead of using newspaper to wrap fragile things up, use your clothes as packing material
  4. Carry valuable jewelry and other small items with you. Incidents happen, and you much rather not have to worry about really expensive things, or items with sentimental meaning.
  5. Label all boxes to be moved This is definitely important when it comes to dealing with fragile items and moving companies who will not be liable for misplaced or broken items.

These tips are surely helping me with the whole moving process. I hope they will do the same for you whether you are moving or simply traveling out of town for a short period.

…Until next time…

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