You’re likely counting down the hours to when work is over so you can prime your belly for some yummy BBQ!

Well, we are too!

The question is, what are you bringing to the party?

Coming empty handed to a BBQ is not cool. Bring something:

1. Meat
2. Side Items
3. Beverages
4. Paper Goods (Plates, Cups, Napkins)
5. Games
6. Dessert

The list goes on and on. If you are struggling with what to bring, just ask the host/hostess.

In some cases, the host(ess) may decline which means that for the “most part”, you’re off the hook, BUT if I were you, I’d still bring a bottle of wine or a small gift for the host/hostess…

Scarlet Says, be a good bbq guest! Bring an item or two to keep the party going.

Until next time,

— Scarlet


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      1. It’s hard. I didn’t realize blogging was a thing. I’m trying to take it more seriously. But this is like a job.

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