People Are Counting On You

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of people counting on you. You may not know them yet and you may not know when you’re gonna meet them, but they exist…

Last week, I was scheduled to teach an etiquette class for 35 high school freshman. Because of some miscommunication, the class ended up occurring this week instead. Little did I know, there were a bunch of smiling, happy teenage faces waiting for me last week and they held no punches telling me that they were disappointed when I did not come.

Imagine if they totally lost interest in a week and did not decide to come? …there would have been a group of young ladies, who were once ready to learn Meet Scarlet
social, dining, grooming and business etiquette, but didn’t because they were counting on me.

Someone, somewhere is counting on you… Will you be there?


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