Scarlet’s 2012 Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Teens

  1. Don’t be a copy cat: Just because you see celebrities online acting and saying inappropriate things does not mean that you should follow suit. Be yourself and more importantly, don’t be a copy cat.   
  2. Remember the basics: Please and thank you still go a very long way. Take time to say please and thank you to friends, family, teachers and coaches.
  3. Respect your social network: Teens, your social networking pages are a place for fun, but play responsibly. Colleges and future employers will have access to what you post now and in the future. Have fun, but post and share responsibly.
  4. Be grateful: Did you get a gift lately or did someone do something nice for you? Thank them by first verbally saying thank you, then send them a thank you note. (Emailed thank you’s are ok, but hand written notes and cards are best.)
  5. Respect time and place: There is a time for joking around and being with your friends and a time to be serious. Be mindful that school, jobs and places of worship may not be the best place to joke around with friends.
  6. Telephone etiquette: Whether it be a cell phone, business phone or home phone, be responsible while on the phone. Answer the phone with “hello”. You really never know who could be calling, especially if you do not recognize the number. Play it safe and answer respectfully.
  7. Trying something new: Break your normal routine and try something new. By trying something new, you get the opportunity to meet new people and learn more things. Ever thought about skiing, snowboarding, tennis, white water rafting, fencing, volunteering or learning a new language? Try it out and see what new doors open for you.
  8. Take a break from technology:  Did you know that teens spend over 50% of the time that they are awake online? Take some time to meet other people in real life and give your eyes and fingers a break.
  9. Dress the part: If you receive an invitation for an event, take note of the dress code and stick to it. If you are unclear about the dress code, either ask the host or to be safe, dress up versus dressing down.
  10. Return it like you found it: If you borrow your parents car, your friends purse or your sisters cell phone, return it like you found it. By returning it like you found it, there is a good chance that they make be open to letting you borrow their things again.
Henry Ford Academy Center for Creative Studies Etiquette Session
“Scarlet Communications is a wonderful resource! I cannot believe the magic they work in a one hour etiquette session with a group of our 9th grade girls at HFA: School for Creative Studies! The girls began the session complaining but ended it properly poised. I can’t say enough about what the session did for them. Scarlet Communication is Vitamin: Self-Esteem for teen girls. Thank you.”
Wanda Olugbala, Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies

2 thoughts on “Scarlet’s 2012 Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Teens

  1. Great advice Scarlet! One of my professional favorites “dress the part!” You can’t tell young ladies and young professionals enough. It needs to constantly be echoed as we go out to mentor future leaders. I love the photo too!

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