Are You a Status Hi-Jacker?

It’s so amazing how many things you can talk about and engage your friends/followers in while utilizing your social networks.

But, do you ever have that person who wants to just railroad your status and talk about whatever they want? You really want to say, “hey woman/man, we aren’t even talking about that, stick to the topic”… Well, that response sounds a little harsh, but there are other ways to address the issue.

Using the delete button is your right. You own your status and what goes on it, so if inappropriate things are posted, you can and should delete them.

You can address the issue by making light of the subject. Send them a direct message answering what ever it was or commenting on whatever it was that they posted. You can also state why you deleted it (if you’d like) when you send them a private/direct message.

You have the right to control your status and since Scarlet Says, to always be graceful,  you can tactfully respond to the message privately and delete it if necessary.

Until Next Time,

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