Please… Don’t Kill My Vibe.



It’s hard to get and easy to lose. Nothing is worst than having a phenomenal amount of momentum and its killed by the tardy monster.

Being late, especially when it’s chronic, is the worst. We define chronic lateness as an ongoing, unthoughtful disregard of your time, easily demonstrated by the lack of being on time, REPEATEDLY.

Now granted, sometimes things just happen, but every time you meet with someone, we’d hope that a tragic event that caused their lateness has not just occurred, again.

Remember, you can not recoup lost time, so respect it.

Scarlet Says, to combat lateness… Try confirming within a day of your scheduled meeting, the time and location of the meeting. Also consider verbally asking, (especially after repeated lateness) does our meeting time work for you? Is there a more convenient time for you?

We understand that stuff happens, but please, please don’t kill good vibes by being late.

Until Next Time,


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