Gimme Some Mo’

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!


Are you a giver or a taker?… Or have you strategically positioned yourself at a happy medium locale between the two?

After a recent conversation with a friend, it dawned on me how frequently some particular professions are taken advantage of and expected to not be compensated for their professional advice and consult. Consider the legal industry, for example. Attorneys are constantly inundated with requests for free information that usually takes more than just a few minutes to retrieve, and they aren’t the only ones. So are, event planners, graphic designers, personal trainers and a host of other professions.

While some individuals may do their job with ease and project the perception that what they do is done easily, it should still be an expectation that they are properly compensated for their work.

Scarlet Says, try embracing the “what can I do for you,” instead of always asking “what can you do for me”. No one wants to be greeted and overwhelmed with the overbearing phrase, “gimme some mo…”

Until Next Time,


Dedicated to Robin E. Dillard, ESQ.

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