Started From the Bottom? Hey! How’d You Get Here?

Started From The BottomWe all have a journey, a start and a path! Someway and somehow,  you arrived at the place that you are today and thankfully you are currently reading this blog.

The question is, how did you get here? What is your story? Sometimes, you hear some of the most inspiring, compelling and interesting life stories, and you may give very little thought to how amazing your own personal story is. Sometimes, the only thing that makes one story more amazing and inspiring than the next is, if you’ve actually heard about it.

So, how did you get here? What have been your challenges? What have been your greatest life accomplishments and most importantly (to us anyway), Who has helped you get here?

In so many compelling life stories, you hear the wins, the joys, the highs and the lows, but often, you don’t here the WHO? Who was your motivator? Who was the person who you relied on when success was unthinkable? Who was your financer? Who was your business partner? Who was your accountability partner? Most people are not successful without the help of others. Most of us need someone else at some point along the way.

Scarlet Says, the next time that someone asks, “what’s your story”, be prepared to share, but most importantly take a moment to reflect on who has helped you get here and genuinely thank them.

Until Next Time,

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