Always Give 100%…Unless You Are Donating Blood

ImageTomorrow is a big day in the city of Detroit. It’s the Tiger’s Home Opener and believe it or not, Scarlet’s never been. (don’t you dare judge). Well, tomorrow that’s all changing because we will be 100% in the thick of things. There’s only one small hurdle. Earlier that morning, there’s this little TV interview that we are attending on someone else’s behalf at Detroit Public TV.This means a couple of things:

  1. A clothing transformation will be necessary.
  2. Pack an extra dose of patience and kindness.
  3. A commitment to fun.

…and one really important extra 4th item as it pertains to the TV interview…#4: Always give 100%. Truly, as stated above, we are attending on someone else’s behalf, but that means nothing. The reality is that no one (well maybe except you, now that we’ve told you) knows that we are attending for someone else. This means that we will be doing what should always be done anyway. Prepare. Exceed Expectations. Remain Graceful.

When you go to an event alone, as a guest or in replace of someone you are ALWAYS representing YOU. So, while the interview will cause for proper business attire, poise and specific intellectual engagement, we are prepared to embrace a lighter side of appropriate fun, friendship, casual dress and laughter at the home opener later in the day.

Scarlet Says…Be prepared to represent YOU every day, in every encounter and with100% of what you have to offer.

Thanks to LMC for the inspiration.

Until Next Time,


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