Calling All Wedding Crashers!

Wedding Crashers 1The time of year has come! It’s wedding season time! With all of this love, joy and wedding bliss in the air, I want to take the time to remind you of important wedding etiquette that will keep you and the happy couple, happy.

So, as you make plans about who your date will be, what you’ll wear and what you plan to fill up on at the open bar, take a moment and take the wedding oath.

  1. I will not ask for an invitation to a wedding, no matter how badly I want to attend.
  2. I will not show up to a wedding with an extra guest, child or super important friend that I didn not RSVP for, no matter how important I think this person is.
  3. I will RSVP on time for the wedding and in the manner that was identified. (not by text just because I know the couple so well.)
  4. I will not show up late for the ceremony just because I think that all weddings start late.
  5. I will not wear an excessively flashy or revealing outfit in an effort to make this day about me and not the couple.
  6. I will not spend the entire ceremony with my phone high in the air recording footage and taking pictures that I will probably not look at again.
  7. I will not spend the entire reception clinking the side of my glass in an attempt to get the couple to kiss all night long.
  8. I will not ask the DJ to play hustle and line dance music all night long.
  9. I will not abuse the open bar by drinking much more than I can handle and embarrassing myself (and my date).
  10. I will not (under any circumstances) grab the microphone and give a toast that I was not asked to give.

YES! Wedding season is upon us and we want you to enjoy, but Scarlet Says, enjoy weddings responsibly by taking the oath.

Until next time,


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