It’s Kick Off Time – Tailgating Etiquette


Somehow, you woke up more excited than normal. The air is crisp. The weather (whether rain, sleet, snow or sunshine) is perfect.  Guess what time it is? …. You guessed it! It’s football Sunday time! Most of you have waited for this day from the moment that Beyonce graced the stage earlier this year…I mean from the moment that the Baltimore Ravens took home the mighty Super Bowl title.

With football comes something else that many of us look forward to daily– food! That’s right, it’s also tailgating time! And you know Scarlet’s rule, there’s etiquette in everything that you do, even tailgating.

So, before you hit the streets this morning with your hottest football gear (hopefully no stiletto’s or overdressed ensembles), take note of how to conduct yourself. Scarlet’s protocol for tailgating is simple. DON’T BE A MOOCHER!  Let’s be clear. A moocher is someone who wanders from tailgate party to tailgate party and takes advantage of the tailgating community’s general hospitality and generosity. Similar to BBQ Etiquette, bring something. Don’t be that person carrying just a beer to 5 different stops, eating up food during the route and bringing nothing with you along the way. 

Scarlet Says, ENJOY YOUR TAILGATING today, but don’t be a moocher and bring some items with you to share. (Forward down the field….)

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