1% to Empty – Are You On Cell Phone Life Support?

ImageWhen your cell phone gets low on battery life, you likely go into recovery mode, trying to locate an outlet and get back to a safe amount of power – which is usually somewhere above 20%. As the need to be continuously connected grows, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon – customers asking restaurant servers and bartenders to aid in providing power to their cell phone as they sit at the bar or eat a meal.

Now, let’s be honest, even we’ve engaged in such an ask, but like everything else, there is protocol for this…

Scarlet Says…If you need to ask your server or bartender to help you by plugging your cell phone into an outlet, limit the amount of times that you ask them to “check” or return your phone to you for you to check. Just let the phone be undisturbed for a substantial amount of time, allowing you to get enough charge to then charge it on your own later. Remember to silence your phone while it is in their possession. No one wants to hear unrelenting buzzing or some inappropriate ring tone over and over again. Additionally, don’t forget this small, (yet, clearly important) deed, when the bill comes. Could you tip a little more to show your appreciation for asking for this additional assistance?

Happy Dining and Charging!

Until Next Time,

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