T’is the Season to Stay Fit!

Mel Blain

The holidays are quickly approaching, and during this time, many of us have a hard time keeping in shape due to the many dinners, shopping trips, parties, happy hours, and yummy office treats. One can gain up to 5 to 10 pounds during this time. However, one can still enjoy all of these joyous festivities and keep those unwanted pounds off, by following a few healthy tips.

  1. Plan ahead. Make a workout schedule. Workout at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes, and stick to it.
  2. Find a workout buddy, to keep each other accountable.
  3. Keep a food journal, so you can see what you have eaten.
  4. Google workout videos on YouTube or bodybuilding.com, that you can do at home or while traveling.
  5. Organize family workouts by signing up for a local turkey trot or Jingle- All the- Way 5K. Plan family football games, go for walks after dinner, and, if it’s snowing, have a snowball fight.
  6. Skip the elevator; take the stairs.
  7. Drink plenty of water before meals.
  8. Modify alcoholic drinks to one or two. Stick to wine or clear drinks. Beware of fruity drinks, they contain plenty of calories. Drink water between alcoholic drinks.
  9. Bring a healthy dish to parties.
  10. While at the party, do not hang out at the appetizer table while socializing. Go for veggies or water based appetizers first.
  11. Allow yourself to taste foods, but do not over- indulge.
  12. Have fun, dance at the holiday party to burn calories.

Melissa Blain, certified fitness instructor

Mel B’s Fitness/Spinning Enthusiasts

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