Is that … a weave?

Today was interesting. I was approached with this question, “Are you wearing a weave?” Now luckily, Scarlet is neither shy nor easily embarrassed, or offended easily, so the answer was quite easy to verbalize.

On the other hand, I’ve become increasingly in tune with and interested in the perspectives of others. While I wouldn’t get all turned up by such a question, someone else might. Quite frankly, I’m not anti weave and consider it simply a means to change your look. When weave becomes addictive or is utilized for a false sense of confidence (especially among young girls), it can be harmful, but generally speaking, wigs, weaves and hair additions are ok with me.

But consider this. Imagine that this same question was asked to a person who was wearing a wig or weave only due to a medical procedure or condition.

Scarlet Says…It is natural to be inquisitive and wonder things, but it’s not ok to say or ask everything that comes to your mind. Consider the perspectives of others first.

Until next time…


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