Free Clones For The Holiday!

ImageIt’s coming and you’ll be tempted. You are about to be hit with an onslaught of holiday party invitations. As much as you want to and initially feel like you will be able to, you probably can NOT attend them all. You’ll probably map out a party hopping plan and maybe even resort to constructing a spreadsheet that makes it all look like it makes sense.

Consider this. Ask yourself these questions as you consider which holiday parties you really need to attend? What is the goal of attending this event? Am I going simply to take advantage of the free booze and food? (which are probably the same types of food and booze at the last party that I was at) Will I build any new relationships by attending? Am I taking time away from the people who actually mean more to me and who I really want to spend time with? Most importantly, was I even invited to this event? 

Scarlet Says…Holiday parties are an awesome time to fellowship, network or simply celebrate the year’s business successes. As much as you want to divide your time and your priorities into a million different pieces, over committing to events will consume and frustrate you and leave you not having meaningful experiences, but instead rushing aimlessly from event to event. Try making the most out of your holiday party invites by making a top 3 list of events that you are invited to. It’s OK and acceptable to tastefully send your regrets or decline an invitation. If you RSVP, do everything in your power to attend and most importantly, stay away from crashing. If you weren’t invited, the rule is simple, you don’t attend.

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