Turn Off For What?

ImageThe time has arrived! You no longer have to turn off your electronic devices when taxiing out or in on a flight- well, at least if you fly Delta. Delta Airlines is proud, as they should be, to be the first company to allow you to keep your electronic devices on for the entire flight.

“All Delta aircraft have completed carrier-defined PED tolerance testing to ensure the safe operation of passenger portable electronic devices during all phases of flight and Delta’s plan has been submitted to the FAA for approval.”

If you travel as much as we do or you’re just planning to travel in the near future, you might want to know more about this. Catch up on the story here.

Since the friendly skies are a second home to me nowadays, this news was actually music to my ears – literally. I immediately board a plane (briefly speak or at least acknowledgement my neighbors) and I turn on some stone cold jams. I really enjoy music as I takeoff because it keeps me from thinking about all of the bad things that could go wrong during ascending . I couldn’t help but notice that my “row mate” also likes to listen to “stone cold jams” and play games during takeoff, as well. There was one distinct difference though; he wanted everyone else to hear the tunes around him. This gentleman did not utilize headphones. I mean, I heard every note, snare, beat and the occasional digital sounds from whatever game he was playing, which I think was Candy Crush.

Let’s be clear. I love music. It is the best cure for….well, pretty much everything. But, I like my music and I don’t advocate for pushing my musical preferences on other people, especially in the close confounds of an airplane. A quick remedy to this is the new invention that’s taking the world by storm – headphones.

Scarlet Says…Our own personal preferences are simply that…personal preferences – things that we, individually, prefer or like. Are you subjecting the people around you to your own preferences? Travel with others in mind. It makes the ride a lot smoother.

Until next time,


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