ASK SCARLET – “Is the delivery charge the same as a tip for a food delivery?”

ASK SCARLET: If a restaurant charges a delivery fee, do you still tip the driver?  My delivery fee is $3.50. I kinda think it’s unfair to have to tip and be charged a fee.  – Concerned Food Delivery Recipient

SCARLET SAYS:  The delivery driver’s tip and the service fee often get confused, but they are not the same. The service charge is  a fee that typically goes back to the restaurant for various administrative things, but this amount is not the same as a tip for your driver. That tip amount should be based on the pre-tax amount of your food bill. 10% is the minimum, but somewhere between 15-20% should be considered if it was a difficult delivery or if, for example, they battled bad weather or a long hike to get to you. Enjoy that delivery!

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