ASK SCARLET: “Scarlet…It’s a woman at the gym who is simply stunning…”

ASK SCARLET:  Scarlet…It’s a woman at the gym who is simply stunning. She clearly is about her business in that she speaks to no one, but simply goes about her routine time and time again practicing no distractions. What’s the best way to approach this woman in a respectable fashion that doesn’t deter her from her diligence? – Gym Admirer

SCARLET SAYS: In this situation, like most of life, timing is everything. It’s clear that she is there for business, so you really do want to capitalize on or create an opportune time to meet up and chat with her (without being or displaying any hint of “stalker-like” activity). Do you normally arrive at the gym or leave around the same time? Those times are usually best to talk to someone at the gym, not smack dab in the middle of their work out. Another strategy is involving a like acquaintance. Know someone in common? It may be time to ask for an introduction. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


3 thoughts on “ASK SCARLET: “Scarlet…It’s a woman at the gym who is simply stunning…”

    1. This could work, but you could just be working real hard and getting closer to making her uncomfortable. You usually notice when someone is getting close to you and weren’t invited to.

    2. Thanks for engaging Branden! See you for next week’s Ask Scarlet questions. We’re taking questions about Travel Etiquette.

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