ASK SCARLET: “I’m traveling internationally soon. What are some things that I should prepare for?”

ASK SCARLET:  I am traveling to Mexico this spring and I’m trying to gather up as much information as possible to prepare. I already know a lot of the things that I plan to do and experience, but I’m wondering if there are some basic travel things that I should be considering? – New International Traveler

SCARLET SAYS: You’ll love Mexico. There is a lot to do and see and mostly, for a reasonable price. There is a lot to international travel, but here are the top things that I would recommend: (1) Don’t over pack. Checking luggage costs on most major airlines and it will cost you even more if you over pack and fail to leave space for souvenirs on the way back. Think through your outfits and avoid packing up everything in your closet. (2) Learn the essential words and phrases to get around. Don’t assume that you’ll get by with your English. While lots of tourist-friendly places usually employ workers who speak English, it is quite honorable and wise to know the key phrases of the native language to which you are traveling. A small translation book of Spanish words and phrases can be found at your local book store or even online. (3) Try some new stuff. Sometimes when we travel, we gravitate towards the stuff that we are used to, like perhaps a chain restaurant from home or a place that we always hear about others’ visiting. Try visiting a unique, new place that you can’t visit or experience at home. What’s the point of traveling if we just visit the same stuff that we could easily experience in the city of which we live? Expand your horizons! Enjoy your trip and let us know how it goes!

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