I Got A Big Ego!

Ego.1Are you smart? Attractive? Good at your job? Have a gift of gab? Chances are, you are good at something, as you should be. While there really isn’t a problem with being good at something, there is a problem with being so good at something that you are unwilling to get any better and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. So, how do you get better? How do we keep our looming egos in check and under control so that we can embrace the possibilities of ongoing improvement? Below are three ways to keep our egos in check and embrace continuous improvement and learning:

Actively Listen: We recently did an entire blog post on actively listening, because it is so essential to practicing good etiquette and to our personal growth. Just think about the last few conversations that you had. Were you actively listening or were you waiting (impatiently) for your chance to give your opining or feedback? Sometimes, we are so anxious to give our own opinion that we really haven’t even listened to the real situation at hand. Regardless of how much you think you know about a matter being discussed, actively listen so that you’ll be sure that you have the facts and appropriate information. For more on actively listening, click HERE.

Respect Perspectives: You have an opinion and you are entitled to it; so does everyone else in your life. Chances are, your five closest friends have completely different backgrounds, educational paths, college majors and career choices. The experiences that we all have cause us to have different perspectives. It’s virtually impossible for two people to have the exact same set of experiences in life. Because of this, we all end up with slightly different perspectives. During your next conversation, debate or disagreement, before you make a snap judgment about someone, their decisions or their outlook, ask yourself (or them), what is their perspective?

Dream A Little: “We always do it like that”, “That’s never been done” and “That can’t be done” are phrases that stunt your imagination and growth. They are also phrases that are usually ego driven. Innovation and change can easily cause a sense of fear and hesitation, but they also produce some of the best ideas and solutions. Managing your ego means being open to the possibility that perhaps “my way” isn’t the best and only way to get something done. Daydream, think outside the box and consider new options. Perhaps there really is a better way to get something that you’ve always done more efficiently and effectively.

Until next time,

– Scarlet

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