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Lets-talk-setting-goalsWe’re only 21 days into 2014 and as busy as we know you are, we really do hope that you have not already grown weary of your goals and resolutions. Goal setting is important because it forces you to really think through where you would like your life, career or relationships to head and by documenting it on paper, it also helps to hold yourself accountable for achieving those goals. Sometimes, our everyday life situations throw us off of our square and challenge us to maintain those goals. Throughout all of our communications this  month, we will provide you with ways to keep your goals on track, insight on how to support other’s goals, and of course must-have etiquette and protocol advice.

The Every Day Stuff – Daily Etiquette

How do you stick to your goals and resolutions when there are constantly distractions, challenges and barriers? Sometimes it is our everyday interactions at our workplace, and in the general public, that will help us keep a positive outlook and right mindset to actually accomplish those goals. Below are some tips that you can begin utilizing immediately to not only practice good etiquette, but to ensure that you meet and exceed those goals that you’ve set for yourself in 2014.  

  • Focus on you:  Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and immediately reaching for your cell phone, ultimately packing your mind with everyone else’s day before thinking about your own? Chances are, if you give yourself time to wake up, focus, and prepare for your day, those things that you rushed to look at will still be there later that morning and you’ll be better prepared for what you need to do.
  • Hello doesn’t hurt: Did you just walk past your co-workers desk and pretend that they weren’t there? Vow to greet your coworkers as you enter your office/cubicle. Even if you know that someone else doesn’t do it, be a leader and a trend setter. Start the trend!
  • Respectfully declining!: There will come a time where respectfully declining an event invitation will be necessary. You cannot and probably should not even attempt to attend every event that you are invited to. Considering that you are probably never void of an invitation to someone’s charity event, social or business meeting, managing your time wisely is critical. Deciding, in advance, what you have the capacity and genuine general interest in attending will keep you focused and available to attend the truly important stuff and most importantly, fully present to respectfully engage with other people. For more from Scarlet on how to respectfully decline an invitations, click HERE.
  • Post it!: Leave a kind note to your waiter/waitress if they did a great job. We always hear the stories about people who leave notes when someone did a bad job serving us. Let’s also recognize people who do a fantastic job.
  • Thanks: Write a hand-written note to a friend/parent to acknowledge their support in your life. You can never say thanks too much. Make a schedule for yourself of when you will reach out to those people who have been impactful in your life. Try doing your “thank you’s” throughout the year instead of waiting to get it all done at the end of the year.

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