Are You Playing Chat Room Double Dutch?

When is the last time that you tried to accomplish a million things at one time? Of those things, what was really accomplished?

For us, this year is a year of purposeful intentions and strategic decision-making. Those plans always sound fantastic, until you get pulled into several different directions throughout your day-to-day routines. One common way that you get pulled into multiple directions and subsequently sucked into the bad online etiquette realm, is during your online communication. The average adult has at least 2.5 different social networks that they actively engage on, most of which have a built-in instant message feature.  The social network itself can certainly keep you  busy and engaged, but on top of that you get further engaged by instant messages that usually result in your immediate and divided attention.

Check out the article titled, Netiqeutte: Stuck Playing Musical Chats?, by Scarlet’s principal consultant, Jacqueline M. Baker.

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