Photo courtesy of Elan Vacations
Photo courtesy of Elan Vacations

Ok, so I know that it’s hard to believe, but it’s spring break time! The weather is surely going to cause many college students, families and vacationers to head to the warmest possible spots in the world! But, before you head out, we invite you to consider the travel etiquette and protocol list below, so that your trip is full of great memories and experiences!

  • Pack smart: Most airlines do not allow you to bring along luggage for free anymore. Think through your clothing and luggage to minimize the amount of space that you’ll use and avoid spending your travel budget on unnecessary luggage costs.
  • Allot for tips: You will encounter several different people and situations where tipping will be essential. Factor in your tipping amounts before you leave so that you aren’t caught off guard and end up unexpectedly low on funds.
  • Pack your patience: Nothing every goes 100% as planned, especially on vacations! Your plane might be delayed. Your luggage might get lost. You may discover that you left something at home. Don’t let one thing ruin something that you’ve been waiting for, for so long.
  • Pick your travel mates wisely: Many friendships have been ruined because of a lack of communication and travel incompatibility. It is wise to find out what your travel mates likes and dislikes are in advance of the trip.
  • Use a checklist: It’s easy to forget important things that you need on your trip if you are trying to remember them from memory. Use a list to keep you on track.
  • Expand your horizons: Your favorite restaurant at home can still be your favorite restaurant, but if you can travel and try something new, take advantage of it.

Etiquette and protocol extends beyond our day-to-day and into our trips and vacations as well. Enjoy Spring Break!

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