You & Me Baby Ain’t Nothing But Mammals!


I noticed that there was a plethora of really cute animals hitting the streets with their owners this past weekend. While animals might enjoy the same things that humans do, remember that animals are not humans! This means that animals can not go to all of the places and do all of the things that you do, even if they are super cute!

Putting their cuteness aside, before you head out this summer with your animal in tow, ask yourself a few questions:

– Is this really a place that my animal belongs?
– Will kids (and adults) be terrified at this event because of my animals presence?
– Does a dear friend have deathly allergies and will be forced to leave the event because my animal is there?
– Will my animal terrorize the BBQ picnic that I’m going to?
– Did I ask the event host if bringing my animal is OK?

Animals can be adorable and they certainly have their place at certain events. But, be mindful of others around you and If their attendance at the event you’re going to is really appropriate.

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