Gracias! National Etiquette Week

National Etiquette Week
Courtesy of Appalachian Area News

Today kicks off the first of 5 days solely dedicated to etiquette. Scarlet believes that good etiquette should be practiced daily, but this week, we’ll pay specific attention to raising awareness of all people to act with courtesy, civility, kindness, respect and manners as well as rally people to act with good manners in their everyday lives.

This past weekend, I had an experience with a woman named Maria while attending a conference in Massachusetts. This woman was with the catering staff and was setting up the delicious cookies and break related snacks. As I always, do, I smiled, spoke to her and thanked her for her service. Her eyes absolutely lit up in awe and surprise that someone had acknowledged her and thanked her for her work.  She replied “my, you are so nice to speak to me and to simply say thank you”.

Her reaction both made me happy and sad. Happy that I had made her day, and sad that her work and appreciation for it , was rarely acknowledged.  If something as simple as a thank you, a smile and a small token of gratitude makes someone’s day, will it really hurt us to do it?

As you go about your days moving forward, and especially this week, consider how a small token of gratitude to the people we encounter and rely on, could make a significant difference in their lives.

Until next time….

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