House Guests On Deck!

House GuestsPerhaps I’m alone in this, but I absolutely love having house guests. Sharing what I’ve put together in my humble abode and spending time with people who have chosen to spend a few days with me is so awesome! But, what if you’re not a certified hostess and you want to (or are forced to) have a few people over for 1, 2 or a few days?

Here are some ways to make sure that your guests are comfortable, keep them mildly entertained and also help you to keep your sanity and privacy:

1. Have towels and face cloths set aside specifically for your guests and let them know where they can replenish them and place soiled pieces. They will appreciate not having to travel with these things. Additionally, if your guests know where to get these things, they won’t wake you up late at night or early in the morning trying to locate them.

2. Give them the lay of the land of your home. Can they help themselves to what’s in your fridge? Do they need an extra key to come and go and is there an alarm code? Instead of them guessing about what’s on and off-limits, just give them a little overview when they arrive.

3. Schedule in break time! No one wants to be attached to a guest at the hip for 3, 4 or 5 days. Consider that maybe they want to explore a location in your area alone or simply just have down time to read and relax. Do take the initiative to plan out some things, but also schedule in some “chill” time as well.

Being a house host isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes, you’re thrown into a situation of being forced to have people stay with you. If this happens, I want you to be prepared and for you and your guests to be comfortable.

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