Is Your Circle Toxic? – Is it Time For A New Beginning?

Back Talking FriendsThe other day, I had the unique and interesting pleasure of hanging out with a new group of women.  Since all I usually need  to have a good time is some good music, I was having a fantastic time and most other people were too.  But, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a great deal of good ole-fashioned gossip going on.

Now, this wasn’t the regular casual gossip that you’re likely used to. This was the mean, just-because gossip directed at some women sitting next to us. After a while, one of the ladies in our group started complaining to me that this always happened when they went out. Instead of enjoying each other and the moment, the night always turned into a bash fest towards the other women or men sitting around, and she was incredibly tired of it.

So, I started thinking (to myself), if this is so annoying to you, why do you keep hanging out with them?

The night continued, the gossip continued and eventually, we all parted ways. This conversation stuck with me though. I started thinking how simple it can be for us to make changes in our lives, yet we refuse to and continue to miss out or fall short of what it is that we really want to be, do or experience.

Now, I certainly don’t think you should go around and start instantly ditching all of your friends (unless you really need to), but what I am saying is that perhaps it’s time to evaluate your circle, your habits, your practices, your weaknesses and ask yourself , Is it time for a new beginning for me? Sometimes we make a few bad decisions or a few innocent mistakes and forget that we can exercise our human rights to just simply make another one; perhaps the one that we wanted to make in the first place.

Scarlet Says… if you’ve found yourself caught in an unwanted situation, doing things you hadn’t really set out to do, or perhaps you’re just totally off the path that you had set for yourself as you started 2014, you have the right to make a new decision and get back on track.

Until next time,

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