Your Life Sucks If…


I spent a little time reflecting on pretty much everything this past weekend. While reflecting is certainly a healthy and necessary activity, it also opens the door for comparing, questioning and scrutinizing of you, your accomplishments and your current status.

It’s natural to assess where you’re at, how much you’ve grown and how far you have to go to reach your goals, but what sometimes happens during this assessment is an unplanned round of self sabotage.

Does your self-analysis grow into you hearing your mind saying things like, “look, what (insert name) has already accomplished”, “you sure should be further along than you are”, or “my life sucks, because I haven’t accomplished ________”? First of all, that’s not just your mind. That elusive, demanding and overbearing voice plagues many of us. It causes us to question the many accomplishments that we’ve made over the years. It makes us think that the many graduations, awards, accolades, promotions, merits and major accomplishments mean nothing. It even makes us wonder if our talents, (that so many other people silently and loudly praise) are really worthless and have no place in society.

Take some time this week to write out your accomplishments. You might be thinking, “well, what’s an accomplishment”. That is only for you to answer. For example, I love cheese. So, for me, trying a new type of cheese regularly is an accomplishment. Write out what YOU deem an accomplishment and you’ll quickly see that you indeed have amassed a wealth of personal, professional and fulfilling accomplishments.

Scarlet Says…Your life sucks, if you say it does! Be aware, alert and honest with yourself about what you’ve achieved. When you bash yourself and your accomplishments, others will surely follow.

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